Jack Daniel’s Has Created A Whiskey Cider And It’s Incredible

Magners had better watch their back.

Jack Daniel's whiskey cider.

Jack Daniel’s are ready to let a little sunshine into our booze-filled lives with the launch of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider this spring.

In a massive two fingers to the likes of Magners and Bulmers, Jack Daniel’s is entering the cider fray with a unique blend of crisp apple cider and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey that’s both distinctive and damn tasty to boot.

Sunshine-filled evenings are made for drinking cider and this new addition, which boasts a crisp and lightly siced flavour featuring hints of caramel and vanilla, could be perfect for those never-ending evenings out with mates after work.

Best enjoyed chilled and straight from the bottle, the one key difference here is that Jack Daniel’s recommend drinking this bad boy without your standard pint glass full of ice.

It’s got a little bit more of a kick to it too in terms of flavour and alcohol content coming in at 5.5% a bottle.

Available in 330ml bottle form from a selection of bars and restaurants as well as a raft of supermarkets, it’s also ideal for anyone planning a boozy picnic or meet-up in the park – not like that.

The question now is, will Magners or Bulmers try to fight back with a whiskey of their own? Something tells us that just won’t have the same effect.

The announcement couldn’t come at a better time either, as the country begins to warm up after a particularly cold snap over the start of 2018.

It’s also arriving just in time for this summer’s World Cup in Russia. And the summer really can’t come soon enough

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