Jack Daniel’s Is Going Back To Its Roots With A New-Look Whiskey

The Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Legacy Edition Bottle will be the first in a new series.

The Jack Daniel’s label is nearly iconic as the whiskey itself.

A design synonymous with good times and the kind of rock’n’roll lifestyle most can only dream of, it feels almost as old as time itself – but it isn’t.

In fact, Jack Daniel’s whiskey used to be presented in an altogether different looking bottle, complete with a green and gold-trim label design.

Now, in a move designed to celebrate the fact they have been making the popular whiskey for well over 150 years, the old label is being resurrected for a limited run.

The new look bottle is the first in a series of limited editions bringing back a piece of Jack Daniel’s colorful beginnings and a label that served as a nod to the slightly mysterious history of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Many believe the green and gold label of the Legacy Edition Bottle dates back to before 1904.

That’s because ever since, every label on every bottle has carried the gold symbol celebrating the medal Mr. Jack won for his amber whiskey at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.

However, in reality, no one is sure. It’s all a bit of a mystery.

But while the bottle has changed, everything you loved about Jack Daniel’s in the first place.

Nose the glass and you detect the same soft, ripe fruit with green apple and warm oak you know and love. Take a sip and you taste caramel, vanilla and toasted oak with a rich mouthfeel that finishes with a peppery spice. The legacy it leaves is one of toasted oak and warm brown sugar. Magical.

In any case, the new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Legacy Edition Bottle (70cl, 43% ABV) looks like a must buy for the whiskey fans among other.

The new will be available in Asda stores nationwide and online from November 8th. It’s also available online now at the Jack Store.

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