This Slow Cooked Jack Daniel’s Brisket Chilli Is The Stuff Of Dreams

It won't get you drunk but it will leave you feeling good.

Jack and Chilli Brisket

The makers of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey have been busy rustling something special up to celebrate National Chilli Day: a slow cooked brisket chilli that tastes as good as it sounds.

Jack Daniel’s might be the whiskey of choice on most nights out, but what most drinkers probably don’t realise is that it’s also pretty nifty to have in the kitchen – as an ingredient and drink, of course.

Now the makers of this fine whiskey are looking to bring people together for National Chilli Day with an extra-special recipe that won’t get you drunk but is well worth a try.

This Brisket & Jack Chilli is a smokey, spice-fuelled flavour-led experience and best enjoyed alongside a glass of Jack Daniel’s and coke.

Best of all, it’s slow cooked, meaning you simply need to prepare the groundwork and let your oven do the rest, while you kick back with a glass or two.

More importantly, it’s probably one of the simplest recipes to follow, meaning pretty much anyone, drunk or sober, can put this bad boy together with little fuss.

So read on for the full run-down of ingredients and instructions to create your very own Brisket & Jack Chilli. Supposedly designed to serve six to eight, you might just be tempted to keep it all for yourself.

Happy Chilli Day! As if you didn’t know…

Jack and Chilli Brisket

Brisket & Jack Chilli (Serves 6-8)


  1. 100ml of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
  2. 50g butter
  3. 1kg slow cooked brisket (preferably smoked)
  4. 1 large diced onion
  5. 70g chilli dry mix
  6. 500ml chicken stock
  7. 1l chopped tomatoes
  8. 2.5tbs tomato puree
  9. 2.5tbs treacle
  10. 500kg kidney beans


  1. Sauté the onion then add mince and brown off
  2. Add the dry spice mix and coat ingredients
  3. Add the liquids and bring to a simmer
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients
  5. Cook very slowly for 2-3 hrs
  6. Add a splash more stock/water if it starts to dry out
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