It’s Official: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Batteries Caused The Explosions

The next one won't burn in your hand, we promise.

This phone is on fire. Image ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

After months of speculation and countless incidents, we finally know what was wrong with the Samsung burnt phones: the batteries were crap.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd underwent an investigation to find out why most of the Galaxy Note 7 phones caught fire and exploded, and as Reuters has revealed, the main reason behind this was the battery of the smartphones.

Safety measures for Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 at the international airport in Hong Kong Image ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP/Getty Images

Plenty of analysts and investors demanded that Samsung took responsibility for the mistake. Some of the phones burst out in flames at any given time, even inside planes, which always caused panic and chaos.

Bryan Ma, an analyst based in Singapore, demanded that Samsung make sure they “come clean and they’ve got to reassure buyers as to why this won’t happen again.”

The full details of the investigation will be released on January 23, which will apparently also reveal that the reason why the batteries exploded was because they weren’t given enough space inside the phone. Only last September, Samsung had to recall almost three million Note 7 phones.

The biggest worry for Samsung right now is the quality of their upcoming products, because if something goes wrong with any of them, it will be a catastrophe for the company.

To calm users, Samsung is launching its next phone, the Galaxy S8, which promises to be even better than the previous – minus the sudden combustion.

For starters, it seems like this new phone will have not only fingerprint sensors, but also an iris scanner, like in the best spy films, and it will look smoother, as it won’t have a home button anymore. And for those nice days out by the sea, the S8 will be waterproof –or for those many times you will drop it in the toilet by mistake.

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