It’s Official: Crocs Have Finally Become Cool Again

The ultra-light foam clog footwear is making a comeback in a very big way.

A selection of Crocs.
Crocs All the colours of the rainbow. Image Getty

There was a time when you couldn’t move for people wearing Crocs.

First debuted backed in 2002, the foam-base clogs were a global phenomenon around the year 2006, selling over 300 million pairs worldwide to date with every Tom, Dick and Harry (they all played rugby) owning a pair.

And in all fairness, it’s not difficult to see the appeal: Crocs are lightweight, comfortable, waterproof and cheap. They also boast a stylish enough design – those holes can play havoc on sunny days though (sunburn) – are are still pretty trendy compared to your standard sandal.

There was even the option to snap cool plastic accessories into the holes in your Crocs shoes, thanks to range of products created by the firm Jibbitz. Yes, Crocs were everywhere and everyone had a pair – even your grandparents. And it was from there that the backlash began.

Maxim named them on its list of “The 10 Best & Worst Things to Happen to Men in 2007” while Time listed Crocs among the “50 worst Inventions”. Even late night talk show host Bill Maher got in on the act, telling viewers of his show “New role: stop wearing plastic shoes.”

There was a blog,, while a Facebook group called “I Don’t Care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like a Dumbass.”

It was all too much with Crocs steadily declining in the years since and no longer the footwear of choice for those that might consider themselves “cool”. Or at least, that was the case. The latest edition of Paris Fashion Week may have changed that.

While much of the attire on show went over our heads here at loaded, one new addition did catch our eye. It came from high-end fashion label Balenciaga and amounted to the trendiest pair of Crocs you are ever likely to see.

Make no mistake: these are no ordinary Crocs.

Designed by Balenciaga’s Demma Gvasalia and presented as part of their Spring 2018 Pre-A-Porter show, these eye-catching 10cm-platform Crocs come in yellow, pink and green and boast all the usual rubberized pin accessories you have come to expect from the brand.

Crocs on a rack.
What a Croc(s) Are the shoes making a comeback? Image Getty

Balenciaga has big plans for Crocs too, with the idea being that fans can one day print off their very own custom pair of Crocs at home, using a 3D printer.

Cheap, easy to access and suddenly gracing the catwalks of Paris: Crocs could be closer than ever to rediscovering their cool with more trendy designs potentially on the horizon.

Are the wider public convinced though? It’s probably too early to say, but if Crocs continue to enjoy a new platform in the world of high fashion, there’s still a chance.

And they definitely beat wearing a pair of sandals any day of the week, while research has proven that flip-flops are seriously bad for your health compared with Crocs. It could be time to make a change.

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