It’s Going To Be Dolph Lundgren vs Jason Momoa In Aquaman

Khal Drogo is going up against Ivan Drago and it’s going to be epic

Khal Drogo vs Ivan Drago
Khal Drogo vs Ivan Drago... Who's your money on?

Jason Momoa will be going up against Dolph Lundgren in the new Aquaman in a face-of that will essentially pit Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo against Rocky IV’s Soviet destroyer, Ivan Drago. 

Lundgren has joined the cast of James Wan’s upcoming big screen adaptation of the DC Comics favourite in a role that will pit him directly against Momoa’s Aquaman in what promises an epic on-screen clash.

According The Hollywood Reporter, Lundgren has been cast as King Nereus of the aquatic kingdom Xebel, a character who has one eye on Aquaman’s partner, Mera, who is being played by Amber Heard in the new movie.

King Nereus wants Mera all to himself and is willing to kill Aquaman to make that happen, meaning it’s more than likely that these two Hollywood hulks are set to beat the living shit out of each other.

Production on the film is set for May this year, with the majority of filming set to take place in Australia.

Aquaman Image DC

Lundgren has some previous experience when it comes to comic book movies, having played Frank Castle in the very first movie adaptation of The Punisher, way back in 1989. 

More recently he’s appeared alongside Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables movies and in the straight-to-DVD sequel Kindergarten Cop 2.

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