Italian Model Who Promised Oral Sex To 19m People Is Coming To Britain

Paola Saulino is heading on a UK tour.

Oral Sex tour star Paola Saulino
Paola Saulino On tour Image Instagram/insta_paolina

In case you missed it, Italian model Paola Saulino caused one hell of a stir last year, after promising oral sex to over 19m people.

The 27-year-old made the bold promise after former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi put forward a series constitutional reforms during the 2016 referendum, and she’s since proved herself as a women of her word.

Paola headed out on a sex tour in January, after offering the incentive to everyone who had successfully voted ‘no’ in the vote.

Staying true to her word, Paola has been travelling up and down the country ever since, and she’s supposedly ‘met’ 400 people on the tour already.

Now, Paola has promised to come over to Britain very soon too, to meet the Italians living in the UK who also voted ‘no’.  

After taking part in a few dates of her Italian “Pompa” tour – a slang term for the sex act she is offering – the model admitted she was ‘tired’ but that’s not stopping her heading to the UK.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Paola said: “The British Italians who voted ‘No’ in referendum are very smart. For this reason I would like to give them the best blowjob.

She added: “I think that their energy was important for us. Thank you guys. I urge all of them to get in touch.

“If enough people contact me, I will plan Pompa Tour number two in the UK.”

So, if you’re an Italian living in the UK, and you voted “no” – Paola wants to hear from you.

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