Italian Model Finally Completes Marathon Oral Sex Tour

But did Paola Saulino reach her 19.4m target?

Oral Sex tour star Paola Saulino
Paola Saulino On tour Image Instagram/insta_paolina

After a back-breaking three months on the road, the model who promised to perform a sex act on some 19.4m Italian voters has finished her epic “Pompa Tour.” 

Paola Saulino made the promise to pleasure millions of people after former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi put forward a series of constitutional reforms last year, and she set off on her travels soon after.

The last we heard, the 27-year-old had ‘met’ 400 people as part of the tour back in January, and she was starting to flag.

So how did she get on? Well, she didn’t quite reach 19.4m, but Paola proved to be a woman of her word, and it’s been revealed that she reached a staggering 700 people over the course of the tour.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: “I did around 700 blowjobs in total. I could do much more if someone helped me.”

The model sounded frustrated, saying that she found that the logistical side of things proved difficult.

“My idea was to give blowjobs, not to schedule everything. It was a big deal. I wanted to do blowjobs, not organisation.”

Paola might have fallen short of her frankly ridiculous 19.4m target, but she’s proved beyond all doubt that she’s a woman of her word.

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