Aussie Hottie Imogen Anthony Sets Instagram Aflame With #Freethenipple Snaps

This boob is on fiiiiiire

Imogen Anthony Image Imogen Anthony

Australian glamour model and Instagram star, Imogen Anthony is used to making the news. In the past, she famously walked down a runway during Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week wearing nothing but a sand bikini. A ‘Sandkini.’

She describes herself as coming from “a rockabilly style background.” Her edgy and trashy-chic style definitely reflects this, she’s unique that Imogen. Thanks to her sass and devil-may-care persona, Anthony’s presence on social media is growing significantly, so far she’s gathered 130,000 followers on Instagram and 14,000 on Twitter.


Imogen in the 'sandkini.' Image Imogen Anthony


She’s about to get a bunch more after she posted a photo of her holding a flame to her nipple wearing only a mesh top. This harsh action was inspired by her support for the #freethenipple campaign on Instagram. 



Free The Nipple started as a push back against Instagram – who’s guidelines deem women’s nipples as ‘inappropriate.’ This prompted a rash of celebrities and personalities to show support for nipple freedom. The term is now fully embedded into our cultural lexicon.



Thank goodness, because, without it, we wouldn’t get such awesome pictures from Imogen and other gorgeous, strong ladies on social media. Free that nipple we say, just don’t set it on fire.

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