Iskra Lawrence keeps it brief with her latest revealing look

The curvaceous Brit is back with yet another set of oh-so-good snaps

Iskra in action Lawrence is looking at her very best.

If David Cameron is eventually forced to resign over the ongoing tax storm engulfing his government then the country could do worse than turn to Iskra Lawrence as the next Prime Minister.

Granted, the newly blossoming model may have little, if any, relevant experience or evidence of the skills necessary to run a country but what she lacks in those areas she more than makes up for in other departments.

For one thing, Lawrence is a leading advocate against the sort of body-shaming bullies that tend to clog up your Twitter and Facebook feeds as well as in the comments sections of side-bar-shame click-baiting articles everywhere.

Iskra Lawrence on Instagram.
The lovely Lawrence Iskra is at it again on Instagram Image Instagram

Iskra is different: she believes women should feel good about the way they look, whatever their shape and regardless of the ‘norms’ and conventions that society has previously indoctrinated females far and wide with.

It is a cause that Loaded whole-heartedly endorses and one that makes Lawrence something of a spokesperson for women across the country.

With that sort of support behind her, there is every chance she would therefore make a better PM than Cameron while press conferences, live debates and any other such media appearances would certainly be a lot more memorable.

Iskra Lawrence on Instagram again.
Nice look Lawrence She certainly knows how to get attention online. Image Instagram

Those seeking evidence of such claims need not look too far, with Iskra’s Instagram awash with the sort of scantily clad imagery that could have even the most hard-line of Tories calling for a change to the leadership.

At the very least, it is important to acknowledge that Lawrence’s message could affect real change when it comes to the way we view feminine beauty.

And if that means she posts a few more brief-based shots like this online then Loaded will happily march on 10 Downing Street with a petition calling for Lawrence to become the next leader of the Conservative Party.

Now who is with us?

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