Is Your Gym Addiction Harming Your Sex Life?

Guys, it might be time to cancel your membership...

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Gyms are more popular than ever before, and millions of people spend hours on the treadmill trying to get as buff as possible.

However, have you ever stopped to think what effect working out is having on your sex life?

It’s a big time commitment after all, which means you’re probably spending more time away from your partner, but it’s not just that.

A new study has also shown that a tough workout at the end of a day can often mean that blokes are simply too tired to have sex when they get home.

In fact, it found that gym fanatics actually have lower libidos than those who work out less frequently – which suggests that the gym is actually making people less sexually active.


Researchers at the University of North Carolina asked 1,100 men about their sex lives, and found a clear link between time spent at the gym and sexual activity.

Professor Hackney from the university went on to say that there was a ‘tipping point’ at which exercise started to have negative effects on mens’ sex lives.

The study, published in the journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, said: “Exposure to higher levels of chronic intense and greater durations of endurance training on a regular basis are significantly associated with a decreased libido scores in men.”

So, it might be time to cancel that gym membership guys – or maybe just workout a little more in the bedroom?

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