Is There A Secret Pornographic Image In Peppa Pig?

Once you see it...

peppa pig
Peppa Pig Image E1 Animation/ Channel 5

Who knew every kid’s favourite cartoon Peppa Pig had a pornographic underbelly?

At least that’s what one mum discovered when she was teaching her daughter how to draw Peppa Pig’s head on a Magna Doodle.

Turns out every pig on that show has a penis for a head. Which begs the questions, is there something the creators of Peppa Pig are trying to tell us?

peppa pig
Leigh-Anne Walker‎/The Unmumsy Mum

This isn’t the first time someone has noticed the scrotal similarities, a Reddit thread discussed the happening at length, going into minute details with regards to the anatomy of each penis-headed pig.

“Well, it has two holes, is sticking out 90 degrees from the body it would be on, and the supposed penis comes off the round part.

“If the long part were more on top so that it starts out 90 and goes down like a slope, it would be anatomically accurate. While I do agree it’s an odd style, it could just be Avant Garde.”

peppa pig
E1 Animation

Indeed, but there is no denying that once you acknowledge the resemblance to a nob, you can’t quite see anything else. There is even a parody of the happening via YouTuber CarneMoidaTV called Peppa Penis. 

peppa penis

Animators are well known for hiding dirty images in children’s cartoons. For example, there is clearly a penis in the Poseidon’s ocean castle on The Little Mermaid poster.

the little mermaid
The little penis/disney/complex Image Complex

Additionally, the word SEX is written in the sky in a scene from The Lion King.

Considering parents have to endure many of these films and tv shows during their offspring’s childhood, it figures that animators would throw them a bone or boner once in awhile. 

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