Is Owen Hargreaves The Worst Pundit On TV? Fans On Twitter Think So

The former Manchester United star as savaged by fans during the Europa League final.

Owen Hargreaves
Owen Hargreaves A football hero and BT Sport villain Image Getty

Let’s start by making something clear: as a player, Owen Hargreaves was seriously underrated.

He played over 200 games for Bayern Munich, winning four Bundesliga titles, three DFB Pokal and a Champions League crown. Even at Manchester United, he helped the Red Devils to a Premier League and Champions League double in 2008 before injuries began to take their toll.

Not enough is made of all of this glittering career and here at loaded, we think we have a pretty good understanding of why: because of his awful, awful punditry.

There will be those who will point to Hargreaves accent as irksome, but that seems a little unfair in our book – the guy grew up in Canada, with English parents and spent a lot of his formative years in Germany. That’s quite a mix!

However, there’s little getting away from the fact that, when it comes to the actual analysis of the game in commentary terms, there’s something a little off about him. Maybe it’s his turns of phrase, obvious bias towards United or penchant for repeating the same phrases again and again.

Whatever the case, Hargreaves came in for some major stick on Twitter during United’s 2-0 win over Ajax in the final of the Europa League.

Some felt he didn’t really have a clue what was going on…

Others were quick to criticise his habit of pausing…at random points…in sentences…

While one fan came up with a fun game to play around his commentary – Hargreaves bingo!

One guy even went ‘full Statto’ about Hargreaves use of “terrific”…

Then there was his revolutionary football terminology…

And how the mere sound of his voice reminded some people of other, equally annoying things.

For our money, the lowest point came with Hargreaves’ baffling reaction to Henrikh Mkitaryan’s goal in the 2-0 win over Ajax.

“It’s brilliant from Mkhitaryan,” he said.  “He’s scored lots of goals in the Europa League final but that’s one of his best.”

This was Mkhitaryan’s first goal in this or any other Europa League final. 

It was almost like Hargreaves was talking out of his arse on the night, or maybe he was talking out of someone else’s arse actually…

See you next season, Owen!

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