Is Kim Kardashian’s Butt Real? We Asked For A Professional Opinion

Her butt has been in focus lately due to some damning new photos

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Is her butt really real? Image Instagram/kimkardashian

There has been a rash of press regarding Kim Kardashian’s rear end after pictures surfaced of the reality star on a beach holiday in Mexico.

The backlash has been huge, the Instagram maven has already lost 100,000 followers who claim she’s been lying to them about her natural assets after seeing the recent pictures.

Let’s be clear, she’s more than entitled to show off what her mama gave her – the woman is stunning. She’s even more entitled to improve herself however she sees fit, but we were wondering about the legitimacy of her moneymaker especially after her insistence that it’s god-given. 

Many accusations have been thrown around regarding the changes to her derrière – fat transfer procedures, implants and butt lifts.

loaded wanted a professional’s opinion on this so we consulted with surgeons from The Plastic Surgery Group right here in London to get down to the bottom of this mystery.

We asked whether they thought she’d had any work done down there, despite her claims to the contrary.

‘She has almost certainly had Brazilian buttlift – the buttocks are not in proportion to the rest of their thighs and frame,’ said surgeons Dan Marsh and Mo Akhavani from TPSG after viewing the shots in question.

This is merely speculation, but it makes sense. 

The rise in Brazilian butt lifts has been astronomical with Kardashian at the forefront of this trend. One Kardashian super fan was reported to have spent £7,000 on a Brazilian buttlift to look like Kim. 

What does a Brazilian buttlift involve? According to the consultants from TPSG the procedure is carried out by ‘using fat taken from the tummy, flanks, love handles and back to inject into the buttocks.’ 

Considering the teeny shape Kim’s waist and legs in proportion to her back end, it’s very possible she’s had a Brazilian buttlift a few times. 

We could be wrong and Kardashian was simply born with it. But after seeing these pictures, which are without the usual Kardashian filtering, its pretty damning evidence.

We’re pretty sure Kim doesn’t give a sh*t either way, she’s laughing all the way to the bank. 

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