Iryna Ivanova on the Playboy Mansion, DJ Khaled And What She Looks For In A Boyfriend

The Instagram star on the Playboy Mansion, DJ Khaled and what she looks for in men.

Most people would probably balk at being called the “Queen of the Instagram underboob” – but then model and social media star Iryna Ivanova isn’t most people.

A self-confessed “front, side and underboob connoisseur” according to her Instagram bio, the Ukrainian model has already amassed 4.3 million followers on the site. But she’s more than just a pretty face.

Born in Crimea, Ukraine, into abject poverty, Iryna relocated to America in her teens and impressed enough to earn a place at the University of Arizona and a Masters of Business Administration. It was only after a stint as a ring girl in the World Fighting Federation MMA and a speculative application to Playboy that she truly embraced the Instagram lifestyle.

A Playboy spread and an appearance in the music video for the Justin Bieber/DJ Khaled hit “I’m The One” followed, with Ivanova’s star very much in the ascendancy ever since. Loaded caught up with the online sensation to get an answer to all those questions you are too shy to ask.

loaded: What’s the secret to your success on social media?

Iryna: Huge social media pages are built on huge boobies. I posted my huge boobies 4x/week for 3 consecutive years, and the page exploded. I am now fully focused on the new influencer site, where I chat 1-on-1 with my fans.

loaded: Do you find people treat you differently because of the way you look?

Iryna: Absolutely, JetBlue recently denied me boarding on a flight due to the way I look!!


loaded: What was life like inside the Playboy mansion?

Iryna: Super low key. We hung out by the pool and relaxed all day while Hefner played bridge with his friends. Other than an occasional party, nothing much was going on day to day.

loaded: What was shooting the video for “I’m The One” like?

Iryna: Amazing. They called me the night before the shoot, and 12 hours later I was riding a white horse. At first, I shot the scene topless, and then again in a top. I wish they would release the uncensored version!

loaded: DJ Khaled has come under fire recently for saying he doesn’t believe in oral sex – what did you think of what he said?

Iryna: Well, in Khaled’s defense, girls can take a really long time, so I’m thinking his neck was hurting so much he just said fuck this I’m out.

loaded: What’s been your favourite experience from your time as a model?

Iryna: It’s the time I’m spending right now modeling on I’m there all day posting exclusive content for my fans and I love it.

loaded: Who is your hero/heroine?

Iryna: My grandmother Maria, who raised me from childhood and passed away from cancer this year.

loaded: Will you be watching this summer’s World Cup in Russia?

Iryna: No way! I’ll be living in Espana and watching remotely.

loaded: Do you worry that some men out there might objectify you?

Iryna: No. I’m certain that all 4.2m of my Instagram followers check in daily for my radiant personality. :)))

loaded: Describe your perfect day:

Iryna: I ate In-N-Out Burger for lunch and again for dinner.

loaded: What advice would you give for anyone trying to make it as a model?

Iryna: Make a niche for yourself by highlighting your most unique feature (e.g., boobies J).

loaded: What do you look for a potential romantic partner?

Iryna: Someone who appreciates my weird sense of humor.

loaded: If you could have any super power for a day, what would it be and why?

Iryna: Anti-Dick Pic Vision that turns all dick pics into kittens.

loaded: What can your fans expect from you in 2018? Any projects you can currently talk about or tease?

Iryna: I’m focused on getting to know my fans personally on!

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