Iron Fist Returns in Trailer For The Defenders And He’s Still A Douche

Everyone’s least favourite Netflix-based Marvel hero has picked up where he left off

Danny Rand Image Netflix

Finn Jones’ Iron Fist, the superhero at the heart of Netflix’s least popular Marvel series to date, is back in the new trailer for The Defenders and he’s still being a major douchebag.

The ongoing adventures of multi-millionaire-turned-gap-year-tai-chi-dick Danny Rand were the source of much disdain earlier this year.

Released to almost universally negative reviews, Netflix’s Iron Fist series was rightly lambasted for its painfully ignorant portrayal of whitewashing and privilege, helped in no small part by Jones’ decision to play Rand as an entitled, joyless, know-it-all martial arts master.

It marked a stark contrast to the overwhelmingly positive responses garnered by Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage on Netflix and should have served as a wake-up call to the programme makers.

So when the first trailer for The Defenders, the series tying all four heroes together in a small-screen equivalent of The Avengers, arrived you would have hoped something would have changed.

But alas, you would be wrong. Rand is still front and centre, making a ham-fisted effort of being Iron Fist.



In the trailer, we see Jones’ Rand “interrogating” some poor dude that’s trying to get away from the spring-haired ass clown.

What has he done? We don’t know, but apparently Rand’s interrogation technique involves a fair amount of intimidation and threats of violence. Apparently that’s the Iron Fist way.

Anyway, it’s not long before Luke Cage turns up. He sees Rand pinning this poor bloke up against the wall and tries to intervene – as anyone would in that sort of situation.

Iron Fist, being the ass hat that he is, takes umbrage with that. Soon enough, he’s getting all up in Cage’s face like it’s Saturday night and before you know it, he’s trying to beat the crap out of Cage – yeah, good luck with that, buddy.

Heck, he even unleashes the old Iron Fist magic on Cage’s face – something that would prove lethal to most mortal folk. Seriously, Danny, why are you such an ass?

Honestly, the entire exchange is just painful and provides more fuel as to why everyone took such a disliking to the character in the first place.

The Defenders in Entertainment Weekly
The Defender In Entertainment Weekly Image EW

Anyway, it’s not long before Rosario Dawson’s character turns up to explain they are both on the same side but even then Rand isn’t satisfied.

Why is that, Danny? Because’s he’s not a bouncy-haired, prep school spiritualist like yourself? We’ve got one suggestion for where you can shove that Iron Fist pal and it’s got nothing to do with being a Defender.

The Defenders will debut on Netflix this summer.

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