Eat the lot in 30 minutes and the meal is free – sounds easy, right?


Could You Handle This Bonkers Irish Breakfast Challenge?

By Jack Beresford

January 16, 2018

A café in Ireland is setting customers the ultimate breakfast-based eating challenge – but it’s not for the faint of heart.

The Hard Boiled Egg Café in County Cavan has a pretty well-established reputation for providing some of the best post-night out fry-up hangover food you could ever ask for.

But its reputation goes beyond your every day bacon and eggs, with the Irish café also famous for it’s almighty eating challenge [via Irish Independent].

It’s the home of the “World’s Largest Breakfast Challenge” and, though that title might seem like a lot of hype and bluster, just wait until you see what is on offer.

Weighing in at a whopping 8ib 10oz the breakfast consists of the following items:

10 link sausages, 10 back bacon, 10 large eggs, 5 hash browns, 5 large white pudding, chips, a hill of beans, 3 grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, 10 slices of toast and all the tea you can drink.

That hearty breakfast is free for anyone who can manage to polish the whole lot off in the space of 30 minutes.

Otherwise, customers can expect to shell out €19.95 for the pleasure, which really isn’t all that much when you consider the price of a standard fry-up in London.

Not only will you get a free meal, but there’s also a t-shirt on offer for anyone who completes the feast.

Unbelievably, someone has already managed to do exactly that, with professional eater Randy Santel completing the task with time to spare back in 2014.

Could you cope with this sort of fry-up face-off? Not everyone can.

It’s not the first time loaded has showcased a viral eating challenge either.

A few months back, we broke the news of another eating challenge, dubbed the McDonald’s Big Mac Challenge.

Set up via Facebook, the challenge invites food fans to eat five Big Macs, five large fries and five milkshakes. Polish off the lot and you’ll earn £100. Fail to do so and you may end up being sick.