Cheeky Irish fans chant: ‘Please Don’t Start A Riot’ to English fans.

The Irish fans are quickly getting a reputation for the most jovial fans at Euro 2016.

Irish supporter
Keane to win Ireland have been getting a good reputation throughout the country

Yesterday, we showed you a video of a group of Irish fans having fun on a train to Bordeaux by asking a nun for some divine inspiration for the boys in green and now Green Army supporters have gone one better.

Ireland have been busy travelling to see Martin O’Neill’s men, with Monday’s draw against Sweden leaving the Republic with some work to do to get out of Group E. 

Similarly their neighbours, England, have had a mixed start to the European Championships – an underwhelming performance against Russia, which finished a draw also, followed by trouble in the stands initiated by a group of Russians hooligans increasing the tension around the tournament.

As a result of the trouble in Marseille, both England and Russia have been threatened with sanctions, with Russia given a suspended disqualification for the attack on the English fans in the stadium.

So when a group of English fans and Irish fans crossed paths in a pub in Paris yesterday the Ireland supporters weren’t going to let their England counterparts forget about the sanctions.

If the video doesn’t appear for you please click here

With the chant starting out  ‘1-0 and we f**ked it up’there was a real sense of togetherness in the air, with fans of both teams united in their sense of disappointment after the opening round of game.

And that mood continued on through the Irish fans’ cheeky chant of ‘Please don’t start a riot’ which thankfully went down as well as intended.

Ireland face Belgium next on Saturday at 2pm while England take on Wales tomorrow afternoon. 

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