This hack will make your iPhone run 10x faster

This one's a game changer.

The iPhone From Apple Image Picture Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The internet is full of supposed iPhone hacks.

Many of which usually seem a bit too good to be true, and they often are. However this one might actually be the iPhone hack we’ve all been waiting for.

Any iPhone user will able to relate to the frustration of a slow loading Safari page or an app that constantly crashes.

Step forward Marc Forrest, an IT guru who discovered a rather simple hack that will get your phone running just that little bit more efficiently.

It’s quite simple really. Go to the homepage of your screen, press and hold the power button until you see the ‘Slide To Power Off’ message.

After that, take your finger off and hold down the home button for five seconds and if you’ve done it right the RAM memory will be cleared and your phone will run a lot faster.

Hopefully at the very least this will mean an end to those annoying interruptions when scrolling through your Facebook feed.

Of course, this tip only relates to the pre-iPhone 7 line of phones, but it’s still going to be a game changer for most – as the below Twitter user Daniel Teixeira showed with the below change in memory usage.

Nice one, Marc!

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