International goalkeeper arrested for drug dealing

Joe Hart has dandruff while this guy appears to be dealing in another kind of white powder.

Football red cardImage Picture Alex Livesey/Getty Images

An international goalkeeper has been arrested for allegedly dealing heroin.

Joseph Kinsley Steward Leopold currently plays for AS Port-Louis 2000 as well as the Mauritius national football team.

The 27-year-old may have played his last game for both though with BBC Sport reporting that the shot-stopper has been arrested in his native Mauritius amid allegations of drug dealing.

Officers from the Anti-Drug Smuggling Unit uncovered a reported 22 doses of heroin along with an additional one gram of the drug.

To make matters worse for the international goalkeeper, razor blades, scales and other paraphernalia used in the cutting and packaging of the drug was discovered.

According to the report, the raid came after an extensive investigating that had seen Leopold closely tracked by the authorities.

No official statement has been made, but it’s likely that the 27-year-old will now be charged.

A back-up goalkeeper for the Mauritius national side during the qualifying campaign for the Africa Cup of Nations, Leopold could now be facing a spell behind bars.

English football is no stranger to these sort of incidents.

In 2012, former Everton prospect Michael Branch was jailed for a period of seven years after a kilo of cocaine was discovered in his home in Liverpool.

He was also charged over the handover of around 3 kilos of amphetamine in a nearby car park, in the months prior to the raid on his house.

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