This Instagram stunner just caused a major NFL beef

Rachel Bush has two American footballers fighting over her.

NFL wag Rachel Bush
Rachel Bush This Instagram model just stirred up a huge NFL beef Image Instagram/rachelbush

An Instagram model has been stirring up a major NFL beef this week, after her boyfriend was hospitalised during a game last Sunday.

Rachel Bush claimed that her partner Jordan Poyer was taken out by Antonio Andrews for reasons other than just football – basically, because Andrews fancies her and got really jealous.

It all started after Tennessee Titans running back Andrews took out Cleveland Browns player Poyer with a brutal hit on Sunday.

Poyer was later diagnosed with a lacerated kidney, and he’ll miss at least eight games. Watch the hit below:  

Fair enough, that’s football. Right? Wrong…

Poyer took issue with Andrews after he posted a video of the hit online and added the caption: “Relentless.”

After this exchange, Rachel then stirred things up by revealing that Andrews had been creeping on her Instagram before the game.

“Two weeks before the titans and browns game tho?? I never see my Instagram likes. But for some reason I caught, and screenshot this,” she wrote.

She also went to say that the likes were connected to the hit, writing: “Jordan is all over my page. Regardless of the reason I don’t believe it was “just football”.”

It’s pretty tough to take for Poyer, but judging by Rachel’s Instagram page, it’s easy to see why they’re fighting over her…


A photo posted by Rachel Bush (@rachelbush) on


A photo posted by Rachel Bush (@rachelbush) on


A photo posted by Rachel Bush (@rachelbush) on

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