Instagram Has A Handy New ‘Unsend’ Feature To Stop Regrettable Messages

It's the feature we've all be crying out for.

Instagram rules for doing this. Image Instagram

We all know the feeling of regret when one sends a message to someone that they didn’t thoroughly think through.

Well, Instagram has introduced a new addition to their platform that will make many a user sigh with relief.

The unsend feature on Instagram’s direct messaging allows both parties to reshape communication sans faux pas.

How do you do it? When you’ve sent a regrettable message like “Hey, I love you!” But you suddenly realise the receiver might not be ready to hear that, and the panic starts to set in on your end, the world is over and you’re thinking maybe a life on the run isn’t so bad.

Don’t despair, once they haven’t ‘seen’ it, – you can tap the message itself and pick the option to unsend. Voila!


This can be rectified over on Instagram


Before this, people were hacking into their poor phones every which way in order to remove their footprint. Such as immediately putting your phone into airplane mode as soon as the message is sent to cut the connection.

Other communication applications are jumping on board. Whatsapp is also trying out this feature with their own version. Instead of ‘unsend’ you can ‘withdraw’ – naughty. Unfortunately it’s only available on the iPhone beta version so far.



Perhaps if you know you’re a reckless texter, stick to Instagram for now.

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