Caroline Flack forced to deny Instagram ‘drugs’ picture

"It's a pen you twits!"

Caroline Flack
Poker night Caroline Flack on Instagram. Image Picture Instagram/Caroline Flack

Being a 21st century celebrity is a dangerous game, chiefly thanks to the perils of social media.

Former X Factor host Caroline Flack has found this out the hard way after one of her Instagram posts went viral for the wrong reasons.

An innocuous snap of a poker night with pals suddenly turned into an online drugs bust when some of her 1 million strong followers claimed to have seen a rolled up bank note on the table behind her.

“Rolled up note there, Caroline…. and a card,” wrote one user.

Flack quickly turned to Twitter to clarify that she isn’t, in fact, reality TV’s answer to Tony Montana. 

“It’s a pen you twits,” she tweeted, before adding of the nearby Vaseline tub: “Thank for no one asked what I use the Vaseline for…. MY LIPS PEOPLE, MY LIPS.”

One of Instagram’s new features lets high-profile users to remove comments on their posts.

When Flack began to moderate the users highlighting the potential drugs paraphernalia, she hit the delete key.

A source close to the TV presenter explained to Now: “Despite the fact that the picture clearly shows a pen on the table, she panicked and started deleting the comments.

“Caroline is at a turning point in her career and she does not want to be associated with illegal drugs in any way.”

This isn’t the first social media blooper from Flack. Recently she caused a stir after posting a topless selfie – nipple and all – to Instagram before swiftly deleted it.

Then there was the time she posted a Snapchat update of her watching a documentary called Addicted to Sexting. For purely “research” purposes of course…

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