Is The ‘Insta Sit’ The First Big Viral Trend Of 2017?

Forget the mannequin challenge, sitting down is the next big social media trend.

Instagram viral trend
Insta sit The next viral trend? Image Instagram/ikimorris

2016 is nearly over, which means all the viral trends we’ve seen over the past twelve months are on their way out.

The mannequin challenge, the one finger challenge, the belfie… they’ve all been huge this year, but people are already looking to find the next big thing on social media.

In fact, The Daily Mail are predicting that the number one Instagram movement in 2017 will be… sitting.

Yep, the website reckons that next year every social media model in the land will be doing the ‘Insta Sit’, which is exactly what it sounds like – a load of models sitting down.

Allegedly, all the beautiful people of Instagram will be sitting with one leg tucked and one leg stretched out in 2017, just like model Kiki Morris in the picture below:

Green juice and a real tan, that is what I'm talking about. #mondaysbelike

A photo posted by ?Kirralee Morris (@kikimorris) on

Professional photographer James Day backed up the paper’s claims, and confirmed that the Insta Sit is the next viral trend to watch.

“Basically, it’s all about angles… [it’s] an angled pose, yet relaxed,” he said.

Make their heart race in black lace. @missguided #AlexisRenxMissguided

A photo posted by ALEXIS REN (@alexisren) on

“There’s a rule with “posing” that if it bends, bend it. Nearly everything in these poses looks bent, which fits the relaxed vibe.

“Standing up and posing is more reminiscent of standing on the red carpet ten years ago.”

So, sitting down is going to be the most fashionable pose you can strike in 2017, and that suits us just fine.

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