What is the inspiration behind Antoine Griezmann’s goal celebration?

It’s not Elaine from Seinfeld and it’s definitely not Hulk Hogan.

Where did it come from? Not Hulk Hogan, surely?

After his two-goal salvo vanquished tournament favourites Germany, there can be little doubting that France’s Antoine Griezmann is one of the standout stars of Euro 2016.

The Frenchman’s brace saw him, in all likelihood, also saw the 25-year-old sew up the Golden Boot award, having bagged six goals at the European Championship already.

That tally puts him just one shy of Alan Shearer’s record of seven goals at the tournament and a further three off the all-time record currently shared by Michel Platini and Cristiano Ronaldo.

But it’s Griezmaan’s celebration, as much as the goals themselves, that has been garnering attention of late.


Extending out his thumb and smallest index finger, Griezmann’s unique dance, accompanied by wiggling hands, has fans on Twitter questioning what exactly the hell is going on.

And there are plenty of theories too.

Many assumed it was a shaka sign, a gesture that is popular in Hawaii surfing culture, as a sign of expression that something is “totally rad man.”



There are others, meanwhile, who think it may be a knowing tribute to the bizarre dance moves Elaine used to pull off on Seinfeld.

Granted, not many are off this opinion, but there were still enough to wonder whether the 25-year-old is a secret Larry David fan.


Then there are the more unusual, WWE-inspired set, who believed Griezmann is a closet Hulk Hogan fan, copying the hand gesture the Hulkster made so famous in his breakthrough 1989 film hit No Holds Barred.


But, unfortunately for all of the above, the truth is actually something altogether different.

Speaking after the 2-0 win, Griezmann finally put the debate to rest.

“The celebration is a dance from Drake’s music video ‘Hotline Bling’.

“I started doing it at Atletico, and then I couldn’t do it against Albania because the emotion was too strong, same for the first goal against Ireland , then I remembered it, and just did it.”


So rather than it being Hawaian surf slang, a knowing Seinfeld reference or even a Hulk Hogan tribute, it’s actually just a dance from a popular music video.

For some reason, we feel a bit cheated.

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