This Innovative Life Hack Will Bring An End To Washing Up – But At A Cost

Ever get sick of all those dirty plates? Well you’re not alone

When it's your turn to do the washing up. Jesus.

Someone has come up with the perfect life hack for anyone who hates the daily ritual of washing up, but it’s not all good news.

It all started after a Twitter user by the name of Alyssa Perez shared a series of snaps that revealed her mother had replaced of all their family’s plates and cutlery with disposable paper and plastic alternatives.

Twitter Image Twitter

Have grown frustrated at the fact her children consistently failed to do the dishes, this forward-thinking parent saw this as a fool proof solution – when her kids were done eating all they had to do was simply dispose of their utensils.

Twitter Image Twitter

It’s a solution plenty have toyed with in the past. As a student, I myself went several months in a shared how using disposable plates and cutlery in a bid to try and avoid adding to the mounting chaos around me. 

Eventually, however, the limitations of the paper plate and plastic knife and fork combo became all too apparent and I was left pining for a bit of china and some sturdy stainless steel.

In any case, should the wider public follow suit and start using paper plates and plastic utensils then we, as a nation and even planet, could face an even bigger problem in terms of the sheer influx of additional rubbish it would create. 

A stylish black set

The average UK household already produces over a tonne of waste every year, with the amount produced per family rising around three per cent every 12 months.

That may not sound like a lot but it means most households will double the amount of rubbish they create in a 25-year period.

Now add a shedload of paper and plastic to that and you begin to see the problem. While some of that paper may be recycled, it may be another story for the plastic.

Plastic Where all those bottles go Image Getty

With around one in three plastic bottles recycled every year, it’s likely that much of the plastic cutlery created would end up on a waste pile.

So while it might sound like a fun life hack and everything it’s probably worth thinking twice before making the big switch. Just do your washing up, you lazy git.

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