Meet Ingrid Kleinig, Margot Robbie’s Suicide Squad stunt double

Seeing double with Harley Quinn.

Ingrid Kleinig stunt double
Ingrid Kleinig The Australian stunt performer has doubled for Margot Robbie and more. Image Picture Ingrid Kleinig/Instagram

Ingrid Kleinig is one of the most prolific stars of the modern blockbuster eras – you just never notice how good she is.

That’s all positive news for the Australian stunt double, who seamlessly blends into frenetic action scenes when it’s too dangerous for the likes of Margot Robbie or Brie Larson to risk.

Kleinig has been a stunt performer for more than a decade, and she’s also a Screen Actors Guild award winner thanks to her work in the Mad Max: Fury Road ensemble.

With more than 50 stunt credits to her name Ingrid has done stellar work in many a Hollywood hit. Here are five films you’ve seen, but not seen, her in… if you catch our drift.


Suicide Squad

Oh it's on… #suicidesquad in cinemas now! #harleyquinn ? #stuntdouble #stunt

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Triple Trouble #suicidesquad wrap party Repost @sophiakerr

A photo posted by Ingrid Kleinig (@ingridkleinig) on

Decked out in Harley Quinn attire, Ingrid is just as good as the real thing.


The Legend of Tarzan

Suicide Squad isn’t the first time Ingrid has doubled up for Margot. Here they are in full vine-swinging mode for the recent Tarzan movie.


Mad Max: Fury Road


A photo posted by Ingrid Kleinig (@ingridkleinig) on

A stunt driver and double for The Vuvalini, Ingrid kept actress Joy Smithers out of danger on sun-scorched sets of Fury Road.


The Hobbit

I just hit the wall… #thehobbit #tauriel #bts #hitthewall #stunts #standupforstunts

A video posted by Ingrid Kleinig (@ingridkleinig) on

Evangeline Lilly’s arrow-wielding elf was put through the ringer in The Hobbit trilogy. More specifically, it was Ingrid, as you can see from the rather intense stunt video above.


The Last Witch Hunter

Because 4 hours of prosthetics = loopy. #thelastwitchhunter in cinemas now.

A photo posted by Ingrid Kleinig (@ingridkleinig) on

Vin Diesel’s supernatural fantasy flick saw Ingrid spend 4 hours in make-up to get her terrifying witch look just right.

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