JFK Files Reveal Informant Told CIA Hitler Escaped To Colombia

Were reports of Adolf Hitler’s death in that Berlin bunker part of a larger cover-up? Hmmm...

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler Did the Nazi leader escape Berlin? Image Getty

Adolf Hitler faked his death and escaped to South America, eventually settling with several other ex-Nazis in Colombia.

That’s according to an account offered up by one CIA informant in newly declassified documents.

A memo released as part of the files related to JFK’s assassination has revealed a source operating under the code name Cimelody-3 told a CIA agent claimed Hitler was alive and well and had been in touch with an ex-SS agent named Phillip Citroen.

The pair apparently came into contact with each other in the city of Tunja. Citroen told the informant that a man bearing a strong resemblance to the Fuhrer was found working in “Residencias Coloniales.” That particular neighbourhood was notorious for housing several former Nazis.

Nazi architect Albert Speer says Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun didn’t have a sexually normal relationship – Loaded
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The ex-SS agent claimed that that the man alleged to be Hitler was address by his fellow Germans as “‘der Fuehrer'” and that he was afforded “the Nazi salute and storm-trooper adulation” everywhere he went.

According to the memo, Citroen even had a photo of himself alongside the man, who was living under the name “Adolf Schritteimayor.” Despite the claims, the CIA memos indicate the story was taken with some skepticism, with the messages describing the claims as an “apparent fantasy.”

“Neither Cimelody-3 nor this Station is in a position to give an intelligent evaluation of the information and it being forwarded as of possible interest,” one section read.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

The claims also go against those of the Nazi leader’s former bodyguard, who detailed the last few hours of his life in a book released earlier this year.

Hitler and partner Eva Braun committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin as Soviet army forces closed in on the Nazi leader following the downfall of Berlin and the German army.

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