Incredible Fan Theory Shows How To Turn Passengers Into A Great Movie

It was SO close to being good - here's what they should have done.

Jennifer Lawrence Passengers bikini scene
Out of this world Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers. Image Sony Pictures

Remember that movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt than came out a while back?

In case you’d forgotten, Passengers followed two travellers aboard a spaceship who were both woken up from hyper sleep early, and forced to see out 90 years in isolation with only themselves for company.

There was a lot of anticipation ahead of the release of film, especially with two huge stars attached, but it proved a bit of a flop when it came out.

The film was pretty poorly received by fans and critics alike. Why? Well, a lot of the negativity surrounding the movie was down to the fact that Chris Pratt’s character actually woke up Jennifer Lawrence’s character up from hyper sleep intentionally, lending a pretty creepy edge to the whole thing.

The movie went about it the whole wrong way, and tried to make Pratt’s character likeable, rather than the total creep that he was. Chris Pratt – one of the most likeable actors in Hollywood – couldn’t save the character, and the film wasn’t much of a success as a result.

However, ingenious YouTube user Nerdwriter1 has managed to do the impossible, and turn Passengers into a good movie.

Analysing the major turning points in the movie, the incredible theory states that by removing the film’s opening half hour and turning the focus to Jennifer Lawrence’s character vastly improves the film.

Watch the clip and you’ll see that the result is very hard to argue with.

Chopping the film up so that it begins with Lawrence’s character waking up would have been so much more effective, and added a more hard-hitting edge to the whole thing.

Firstly, the film doesn’t then spend the first half an hour endearing us to Pratt’s character, who ends up creepily waking her up.

The change adds real mystery to the film, and makes you wonder why the filmmakers didn’t do this in the first place.

So, if you ever come to watch the movie again, try starting it half an hour in. It’ll make for a much better viewing experience.

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