Incredible (But Easy) DIY Halloween Make-up

Three killer looks that can be yours in just a few simple steps.

Halloween make-up that looks scarily good.
Halloween make-up. This looks scarily good

Social media has been driving trends for some time, and Halloween is no exception. Ensuring that you enter the party with Instagram worthy make-up is a must in this day and age.

For guys, it might not seem that way; however, by having a sweep through social media, it shows that there’s a real market for great makeup, which is getting increasingly easier to achieve with the help of online tutorials. For a little inspiration, look no further than the next few paragraphs.

Scary Clown


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Clowns are eternally scary, and this costume is no exception. The use of latex in costume making has been on the rise since obtaining it on the internet became easier and video tutorials made it simpler to apply. You could use a mixture of prosthetics and latex to build this look, or make your own prosthetics to achieve a unique look.

You’re likely to be the scariest one at the party, but that’s what Halloween is for, isn’t it?

Day of the Dead

For many women, Day of the Dead is a popular choice of costume, due to the pretty make-up and the flowers that go alongside it. However, for men it can also be a great costume. It takes inspiration from Mexico’s El Día de Muertos, during which citizens celebrate their ancestors, through costumes and lavish parades which culminates in families gathering around the cemeteries of their ancestors at the end of the day. The parade costume has fascinated people around the world for the beauty and intricacy of the make up, and the haunting skeletal features make it the perfect Halloween costume.

The make-up may look tricky, but there are many tutorials around which break it down into easy steps to follow. The increase in interest around Day of the Dead has lead to a wider influence in popular culture, too. Pixar’s “Coco” opens this month, an animated feature film that follows Miguel, a young boy on a journey to become a musician, who ends up in a mausoleum on the Day of the Dead, talking to one of Mexico’s most famous rock stars. For iGamers, MrGreen have brought out Explosivo, a high octane slot, inspired by the drama of The Day of The Dead, which features some spooky characters which might also give you some costume inspiration.

Wear a Mask

Let’s face it, great make up isn’t a skill that everyone can pull off. If you’re stuck for time, or your girlfriend isn’t around to help, you could just wear a mask. There are lots of different Halloween masks to choose from, and whilst you could go simple and old school with a scream mask, you could also try something a little different. Have cute animals been getting on your nerves lately? Are you sick of seeing them everywhere, to the point where they’re entering your nightmares?

Then you should go as a sweet unicorn or panda, which would likely be more breathable than latex, and less effort than face paint. And if scary isn’t your style, then something fluffy and cute might be the antidote.

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start practicing your make up and ensuring that when the moment comes, you’re the one winning the best costume awards.

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