Imogen Thomas Just Reminded Us All Why She Should Be In Celebrity Big Brother

Isn't it time the Welsh stunner was back on the show?

Imogen Thomas
Imogen Thomas The Welsh stunner is back Image Instagram/imogen_thomas

You might have missed it, but there’s a series of Celebrity Big Brother going on at the moment.

Even the most dedicated fans will admit that this year’s line-up isn’t the strongest though, and it seems to be missing something – or someone…

Well, Imogen Thomas posted a stunning bikini selfie to her Instagram page yesterday, and it got us thinking – why hasn’t she been asked back for the show?

The Welsh glamour model made a big impact on the show back in 2006, and you’d think she’d be perfect for the latest series, wouldn’t you?

In fact, here are just a few of the reasons why she should be in the Big Brother house right now:


She’d spill the beans about those Ryan Giggs rumours

Imogen’s alleged affair with legendary footballer Ryan Giggs was hugely controversial a few years back, and the subsequent gagging order was one of the biggest showbiz stories of 2011. It’d be interesting to hear if she spilled the beans about the rumours, wouldn’t it?

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She’d probably be more interesting than Bianco Gascoigne, Jasmine Waltz and Nicola McLean put together

Glamour model Bianco Gascoigne is in the house at the moment, but we can’t help but feel that Imogen would be a more interesting housemate. The former Miss Wales star was a real hit on the show back in 2006, and showed a lot of personality during her stay in the house. We think she deserves a return to the show soon, right?


She’s a great gameplayer

There’s plenty of game-playing going on in the house at the minute, but Imogen knows how the system works better than most. She knows how to play the system, and her return would surely make for great telly.


She’s one of the fieriest contestants

Kim Woodburn might be at the centre of all the arguments in the latest series, but Imogen certainly wouldn’t take any shit off her. She isn’t one to mess with, and CBB loves a fiery female contestant. So come on Channel 5, it’s about time you booked Imogen for the next series of CBB?

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