Cheeky girl! Iggy Azalea marks 26th birthday with snap of her beautiful behind

The Australian rapper hit the pool this week and we could not be happier about it

Iggy pops Azalea is at it again

Iggy Azalea has offered up fans a fine reminder of why she is Jennifer Lopez’s natural successor to the title of “world’s best booty” after posting a series of pictures online displaying her proud posterior in all of its peach-like glory.

The Australian rapper decided to upload the images part of an online celebration of her 26th birthday and with time most definitely on her side, the “Fancy” female looks well positioned to knock J-Lo off her perch.

A photo posted by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) on

Azalea has been only too happy to show off her ass-ets in recent years too and even got into what can only be described as a ‘booty battle’ during one live performance alongside Lopez.

With the pair displaying more cheek than your average Danny Dyer tweet, it truly was a clash for the ages or at the very least the arses.

However, Azalea may have edged ahead with these latest snaps, which showcase her fine behind in series of swimming costumes.

From a strikingly super-white edition to a borderline-pink salmon special, the shots serve to showcase just why the 26-year-old remains a popular fixture among fans everywhere.

A photo posted by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) on

Featuring alongside another equally stunning bikini swimsuit combo, it all adds up to something rather special for supporters of the antipodean songstress.

In the battle of the behind, the onus is now on Lopez to respond in kind with her own set of cheeky snaps deemed suitable enough to share with the fans.

A photo posted by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) on

This could get out of control very quickly and, frankly, we cannot wait.

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