If You Play THIS Sport You’re More Likely To Cheat

No, it's not football...

Rugby produces the most cheaters out of any other... Image pixabay

There is one sport out of all others that produces the most cheaters. Can you guess which it is?

Rugby, that’s right. If you are a rugby player, you are 21% more likely to cheat on your partner than any other sport.

This is according to Golfsupport.com who did an entire study dedicated to cheaters in sports.

The website assessed 1,750 men who are more likely to play sports six or more hours a week and discovered that those who like to huddle also enjoy an illicit cuddle.

Worse yet, those who are heavily involved with the sport are more likely to cheat, and the reason can’t quite be helped, it’s down to science.

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Psychologist Kelly Campbell claims that men who workout the most have higher levels of testosterone and this increase can lead blokes to think they need more sex. 

Another factor is the lad-like environment of a locker room, unfaithful behaviour is encouraged by fellow teammates which creates what sociologist Dr. Steven Ortiz from Oregon State University calls a “culture of adultery.” [via The Independent]

This is more than evident in the pile of cheating scandals that often erupt from professional sport.

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The happiest marriages? According to golfsupport, golfers are the ones that live happily ever after with 78% of golfers wives claiming they are very satisfied as compared to only 15% of non-golfer’s wives.  

So ladies, perhaps don’t give that burly rugby man your number. It will only bring heartbreak, join a golf club instead. 

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