If This Stark Transformation Doesn’t Put You Off Drugs Nothing Will

The story behind 27-year-old Megan Sloan’s descent into addiction is a grim one.


The plight of an Oklahoma school teacher, who was arrested for bringing heroin and needles into her classroom, has served to once again highlight the devastating effect drug addiction can have on the lives of so many.

27-year-old elementary school teacher Megan Sloan was allegedly found with drugs in her purse after a fellow educator reported her to the administrators.

The unnamed colleague became concerned after logging onto a computer Sloane had just used.

Sloan had failed to properly sign out of Facebook at the time, with the unknown co-worker uncovering a glut of messages that revealed Sloan had supposedly been selling off school items and had even dabbled in heroin dealing.

Brought before Creek County District Attorney’s Office as a result, Sloan is now facing as many as five different criminal charges including child neglect, possession of drug paraphernalia, embezzlement and drug possession in the presence of a minor.

Megan Sloan's mug shot.
Megan Sloan's Mug Shot Courtesy of Sepulpa PD Image Sepulpa PD

It represents just the latest example of the destructive effect heroin has had on the lives of so many. According to statistics collected by Rehabs.com, some 900,000 adults and young adults aged as young as 12 have used heroin in the US over the past year alone.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also previously found that annual rates of heroin use increased 62.5% between 2011 and 2013, compared with the same period of time running from 2002 to 2004.

When the police were first called into the Oklahoma school where Sloan works, the 27-year-old wasted little time in admitting to her drug problem with a subsequent search of her purse uncovering more alarming evidence.

Megan Sloan on Facebook.
Megan Sloan In happier times on Facebook Image Facebook

Sloan told police she was in possession of Xanax at the time and had sold two tablet computers belonging to the school along with $125 in cash that had been collected for a field trip.

The true depth of her issues was only uncovering during a subsequent search of Sloan’s purse though, where 13 syringes were discovered, including one containing a brown substance that was later confirmed as being heroin.

It got worse though. Police also found meth, along with several spoons and the prescription drug Suboxone, which is often used to treat opioid addiction.

Despite the grave nature of these findings, Sloan insisted she had never taken the drugs at school or left them in reach of students.

Megan Sloan on Facebook.
Megan Sloan The teacher now faces potential jail time Image Facebook

Sloan now faces an uncertain future, and likely jail time, after seeing her once promising career spiral out of control as a result of her addiction.

Megan had been a teacher at the school for much of the past two years and has no criminal history.

If ever there were an example of the devastating effect drugs can have on an individual’s life this might be it, with the contrast of Sloan’s Facebook pictures and mug shot serving as a stark warning.

The only hope now is that Sloan gets the help and support she so desperately needs and steps are taken to prevent a similar scenario playing out all over again. The unfortunate reality is that that last part may ultimately be wishful thinking.

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