If This OAP’s Daft Song About Brexit Doesn’t Cheer You Up Nothing Will

It’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head, whether you voted for Brexit or not.

YouTuber Peter Parsons.
Peter Parsons A cult hero on YouTube. Image YouTube

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union is an issue that continues to divide this country.

Thankfully, enthusiastic Brexiteer and YouTuber Peter Parsons is here with a song that’s guaranteed to unite both sides with its enjoyable awfulness.

The music video for “The Brexit Song (We’ll Be Strong)” sees Parsons in jubilant mood, sporting a series of Union Jack-themed outfits and strange hats. It’s also got some comically bad special effects, which only add to the enjoyment of it all.

There’s even a shout out to Brexit Minister David Davis, with Parsons breaking off from his song to shout “What do we need? A great deal from David Davis!”

Yet while not everyone is likely to agree with Parsons’ view on leaving the EU, the song is undeniably catchy and is definitely bolstered by some David Guetta-level production values.

In fact, it’s liable to get stuck in your head once you hear it, whether you voted for Brexit or not.

The section where he sings “Brexit! Oh Brexit!” is likely to appeal to those who voted to leave the EU while the refrain of “We’re on our own! We’re on our own!” will go down well with anyone who wanted to remain.

Parsons is something of a cult figure on YouTube, having previously enjoyed success with a song called “Let’s Go Go Go” which chronicled his passion for horse racing. He also created a song called “Gone To The Dogs” which is all about his love of dog racing.

In these increasingly divided times, “The Brexit Song (We’ll Be Strong)” is, at the very least, a welcome break from the bickering that has accompanied the UK referendum on the topic of the EU. Could it yet reach the top 40? The video has already racked up over 20,000 views on YouTube, where the comments section has, perhaps, sensibly been disabled.

However, as yet, there are no plans in place to make the song available for digital download or on Spotify. That’s probably for the best.

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