If Con Air 2 Ever Happened This Is What It Would Look Like

20 years on from the original, director Simon West reveals what a sequel would look like.

The Nicolas Cage classic.
Con Air Action movie perfection Image Buena Vista Pictures

Con Air is a true one-off – an action movie so dumb, so politically incorrect, yet somehow so utterly brilliant.

It ranks among Nicolas Cage’s best movies – part of the Holy Trinity that also includes The Rock and Face/Off – and boasts an incredible ensemble cast of actors who mostly regret doing the movie in the first place.

There’s nothing quite like it, nor is there ever likely to be. But back in 2011, the film’s director, Simon West, began making noises about potentially putting together a sequel.

Most fans were a little confused. After all, how could you possibly up the ante of a film focusing on a group of maximum security inmates who hijack a plane before driving it straight onto the Vegas strip? But West had a plan.

Fast forward a couple of years and the topic of Con Air 2 came up while West was speaking to ScreenDaily about another project he was working on.

It was then that West revealed what he had in mind for Con Air 2 – Con Air In Space:

“I would do it if it was completely turned on its head. Con Air in space, for example – a studio version where they’re all robots or the convicts are reanimated as super-convicts, or where the good guys are bad guys and the bad guys are good guys. Something shocking. If it was clever writing it could work.”

John Cusack, Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich.
Cusack, Cage and Malkovich The three musketeers of Con Air Image Buena Vista Pictures

Now, things may have gone a little quiet on the topic of Con Air 2 in the years since, but it would be foolish to rule out the return of Cameron Poe.

For starters, sequels are all the rage these days, with pretty much every existing movie property under the sun getting a follow-up.

Then there’s the original film’s star, Cage, whose career has fallen on hard times in recent years and would probably be keen on a return to the only film from the Holy Trinity that could actually work as a sequel.

Cusack could even be persuaded to return – he hates the original – given his own career decline.

Space is also the only logical destination – where else would you put the world’s toughest criminals than on a space prison they can’t escape from – with prisoners transported on some sort of high tech shuttle.

With the writer of Fast & Furious already weighing up a move into space, it may only be a matter of time before we see a new bunch of blood-thirsty reprobates being launched into the great unknown in the name of entertainment.

Now if they could just find a way to integrate Ben Affleck’s oil-drilling astronaut character from Armageddon into proceedings, that would be great.

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