Video exclusive: Idris Elba reveals his favourite James Bond

It's not George Lazenby.

James Bond Idris Elba
Over to you, Idris? Idris Elba has long been rumoured as the frontrunner to play next 007. Image Picture Eon/MGM/Loaded

Idris Elba has been linked with playing James Bond ever since he first stepped onto the screen as brooding, hard-as-nails detective John Luther.

Like Clive Owen before him, Ian Fleming’s spy has hovered over his career even as his profile rockets to the A-list. Elba as the next Bond is all hypothetical chat for now – but one thing he’s never discussed before is his favourite 007 actor.

Loaded quizzed Elba on his Bond fandom to find out which 007 star is the best of the best. Hit play on the video above to find out Elba’s (and his Bastille Day co-star Richard Madden’s) top choice – and don’t be surprised if it’s not George Lazenby.

Elba may have also inadvertently signalled the end of Daniel Craig’s Bond reign, referring to him in the past tense as 007.

“I really like Daniel Craig, I thought what he did was amazing,” says Elba. “The evolution of Bond is such that someone like Daniel can really pull it off.”

Elba is currently third favourite to be the next 007 behind Tom Hiddleston and Tom Hardy.

“The rumours on who’ll be the next 007 continue to linger like a bad Bond villain and it’s a shootout in the betting with Elba (5/1) up against Tom Hardy (9/4) and Tom Hiddlestone (2/1),” say Paddy Power.

“There’s more acting talent on show there an Oscar’s after party, but my money’s on Elba – he looks great in a tux and apparently he’s pretty good with the ladies…”

The latest James Bond odds in full are…

  • Tom Hiddleston – 2/1
  • Tom Hardy – 9/4
  • Idris Elba – 5/1
  • Aidan Turner – 8/1
  • Damian Lewis – 8/1
  • Henry Cavill – 14/1
  • Michael Fassbender – 20/1
  • Sam Riley – 25/1
  • Richard Armitage – 25/1
  • Tim Rose – 25/1

For an outside bet, Elba’s Bastille Day co-star Richard Madden sits at 66/1. 

Elba’s new film Bastille Day opens in cinemas on April 22. Check back with Loaded later this week for the full interview.

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