The Ideal Women’s Body According To Blokes

What does the dream woman look like?

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They say beauty is in the eye of beholder, but while looks are totally subjective, most blokes have a pretty clear idea when it comes to their ideal woman.

A new study has gathered together men’s preferences, and created an image of their ideal female body type.

According to Treadmill Reviews, the ideal woman stands at nearly 5’5” tall, and weighs around 130 pounds (9.3 stone).

52% of men also said they preferred women with dark hair and blue eyes, while most men described their ideal woman as having a 26-inch waist. Incidentally, the average waist measurement for women in the US is 38 inches.

The ideal body

Women’s favourite body type in men was also revealed as part of the study, and it found that the majority of women prefer men to be just over 6 foot tall.

Other preferred characteristics include a weight of 187 pounds (around 13.4 stone), blue eyes, and brown hair. 45 percent of women said they prefer a medium complexion in men, while most men said they liked fair skin in women.

the idea body

Both men and women agreed that the most attractive body part was the face, but men said the second most attractive body part was the bum, and women said they liked nice arms and eyes.

So, the study suggests that men like petite brunettes with a nice bum, and women like tall, dark and handsome men with nice arms. Who knew?

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