ID2: Shadwell Army gets a tense as hell new clip

A walk in the park this movie isn’t – expect things to get brutal very, very fast.

ID2: Shadwell Army
Ugly side of the game ID2: Shadwell Army will be a brutal and unflinching look at hooliganism. Image Picture Universal

Football hooligan classic ID is making a comeback next month, and loaded has an exclusive clip from the sequel to whet your appetite as tickets go on sale ID2: Shadwell Army.

The tense-as-hell clip see an undercover police officer, played by Simon Rivers, infiltrating Shadwell Town’s violent gang in a pub. Things threaten to boil over quickly when the hooligan crew don’t take kindly to Rivers’ new arrival.

A walk in the park this movie isn’t – expect things to get brutal very, very fast.

Alongside Rivers, ID2: Shadwell Army will star Paul Popplewell, Linus Roache and Neil Pearson.

The original ID, directed by Phil Davis, attained a cult following in the 90s thanks to its frank depiction of East End football violence. Warren Clarke, Philip Glenister and Sean Pertwee all featured in the impressive cast for the film.

ID2: Shadwell Army is in cinemas and on digital from August 12, 2016 and DVD/Blu-ray from October 3, 2016.

Watch loaded’s exclusive clip from the film below…

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