An Iconic Monopoly Piece Is Being Replaced, And People Are Pissed

Is nothing sacred?

MonopolyImage Hasbro

An iconic Monopoly piece is being removed from the game, and you only have yourselves to blame…

Makers of the classic board game Hasbro announced plans to mix up the game’s classic playing counters earlier this year, and now the public have voted to ditch one of the game’s most famous items.

The results are in, and… the thimble has officially been removed from the game.

It’s been a regular fixture ever since it was first issued in 1935, but you lot voted for it to be replaced, so it’s got to go.

Thankfully, the Scottie dog, the car, and the top hat all survived, but plenty of people will miss the humble thimble.

RIP the thimble

People were upset with the decision, and rightly so…

The worst thing is, the public will vote again on what replaces it. The items in the frame include a flip-flop, a rubber duck, a hashtag and an emoji – a fucking emoji! Is nothing sacred?

It’s not the first Monopoly item to go, as the Iron was replaced by a cat back in 2013, but somehow, losing the thimble seems more of a blow.

If nothing else, it’s making us lose our faith in every public vote ever held ever.

First Donald Trump, and now this – democracy is so overrated.

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