Ice Hockey Player Shares Horrific Image After Suffering Facial Injury

This has GOT to hurt...

NHL player suffers injury
NHL injury This has GOT to hurt... Image Getty Images/Kirk Irwin

Of all the sports, Ice Hockey has to be up there with the most violent, right?

Players seem spend half the time getting slammed into those glass walls, and the referees actually allow players to fight it out in the middle of the rink. Mental.

Anyway, someone who knows the brutality of the sport more than probably anyone else is NHL rookie Zach Werensk.

The Columbus Blue Jackets player suffered a horrendous injury after being hit in the face by a puck recently, and it looks incredibly painful.

The 19-year-old shared a gruesome picture of his injury on Twitter after the game, and it’s NOT for the faint hearted.

It all happened after a shot deflected up off his own stick into his face. The crazy thing is though, he didn’t let the injury stopping him playing, and he actually carried on playing after getting patched up.

Unfortunately for Zach, his eye eventually swelled up to such an extent that he was forced off after the game against the Pittsburgh Penguins went into over time. Still, it’s pretty amazing that he carried on playing at all…

It’s not the first horrific injury the sport has seen over recent years either. Richard Zednik previously had the external carotid artery in his neck cut by his teammates’ skate blade. Watch the footage below:

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