Ibiza partygoer wakes up to find he’s bought £30k bus

David Little awoke to the mother of all hangovers - and a rather snazzy coach.

A National Express coach.
Not quite National Express In fact it's much worse Image National Express

Drunken online shopping is dangerous enough but indulging in a bit of retail therapy after a night out in Ibiza is just asking for trouble.

Unfortunately, Durham resident David Little never got that memo, so after a night out on the Balearic party island he awoke the one hell of a hangover, as well as a little bit more besides.

Feeling like he was king of the world after enjoying a big night in super club Space, the Darlington-based gym employee decided to treat himself to something nice – a £30,000 bus.

David Little picture from Facebook

“Still can’t believe what I did last night in Ibiza,” he wrote on Facebook.

Bought using his smartphone, Little admits he was “absolutely loving life with not a care in the world” when the purchase was made.

And what a purchase it was with the 40ft blue Scania Irizar Century Coach setting him back some £28,500.

“I actually can’t believe this is happening,” he wrote, alongside a picture of his new wheels, before adding “Ibiza ruins lives!”

An image shared by David Little on Facebook.

Still, Little does at least have a plan to get himself out of trouble.

“Anyone want to buy a bus off me?” he asks online.

Don’t hold out too much hope for you there, David.

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