Ian Wright took revenge on England star over bust-up by splitting his penis

The Arsenal legend never saw eye-to-eye with Steve McMahon during his time with England.

Ian Wright celebrates Arsenal's FA Cup win.
Friday Night's All Wright When Ian Wright was a chat show king. Image Arsenal

Ian Wright was not a player to be messed with, as former England teammate Steve McMahon found out to his horror.

The pair were apparently far from friends as players, as Wright recalled in an extract from his new autobiography that featured in The Mirror.

Their beef dated back to 1991 when the pair encountered each other during an England squad get-together.

McMahon represented England at the Euro ’88 and Italia ’90 and was something of a midfield hard man with very exacting standards on the pitch.

So when Wright started playing with the team, having been in non-league football only a few years earlier, he was quite understandably nervous.

McMahon hardly helped matters, according to Wright, loudly exclaiming after the striker mis-controlled the ball in training “for f***s sake who are these players?”

Labelling the comments and McMahon’s attitude as “bullying, plain and simple” Wright didn’t forget the encounter.

Fast-forward a couple of years and with Wright in his pomp at Arsenal, he came up against McMahon, who had since left Liverpool for Manchester City.

Sensing his opportunity to exact some revenge, Wright went in for a tackle that ended up getting McMahon’s, well, tackle in the process.

“My foot went over, skimmed up his leg and gone bang into his groin,” Wright said.

“One of my studs has slit his p**** all the way down!”

Despite apologising over what was, ultimately, an unfortunate accident, Wright admitted he was actually far from sorry over the incident.

“I didn’t do it on purpose — there are other ways of getting your own back — but I won’t pretend I wasn’t glad it happened.”

It wasn’t the first time McMahon was on the end of a strong challenge either, having been famously scythed down by Vinnie Jones during Wimbledon’s shock 1988 FA Cup final victory over Liverpool.

McMahon would later tell Wright how every time he now gets an erection it would start to hurt and, out of nowhere, the image of the Arsenal man would pop into his head.

Now working as a pundit for ESPN, following a managerial career that saw him earn promotions with both Swindon and Blackpool, McMahon has yet to respond to the claims, perhaps because every time he thinks of Wright, he gets an erection and it hurts. Does it work that way too?

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