Ian Hislop sums up the state of UK politics on Question Time

He was asked whether those who voted to Remain in the EU should shut up.

David Cameron called Dodgy
"Fuc...." David Cameron responds to the news Boris Johnson is coming over for dinner Image Photo WPA Pool/Getty Images

Let’s face it, in the wake of the United Kingdom’s referendum to decide whether to leave the European Union, politics has been in an almighty mess.

David Cameron is resigning, Nigel Farage has gone, Michael Gove stabbed Boris Johnson in the back for nothing and Labour are more concerned with fighting themselves.

Therefore, in the current absence of any sensible leaders, it’s been left to Private Eye editor and Have I Got News For You stalwart, Ian Hislop, to sum up just how royally f*cked we are.

Speaking on the latest instalment of BBC Question Time this week, Hislop was asked to respond to the question of whether those who voted Remain in the EU referendum should now shut up.

And his reply not only served as the perfect response to such a question, it also highlighted the almighty mess we find ourselves in and precisely why a general election is in order.

For the time being though, all eyes will be on the battle to see who becomes the leader of the Conservative Party and, by default, the next Prime Minister.

The candidates have been whittled down to two, the favourite Theresa May taking on surprise package Andrea Leadsom.

We dread to think what Hislop makes of that little contest.

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