Afghanistan women’s kit now features a hijab

The design is also an historic first for women’s football in the region

The new look Afghanistan kits from Hummel
New look Hummel has unveiled new kits for the men's and women's Afghanistan teams Image Hummel

Hummel has launched the brand new Afghanistan national team shirt – and it includes a built-in hijab for the women’s version of the kit.

The integrated hijab ensures female footballers can now play while remaining covered from head to toe.

Working with former Afghanistan women’s team captain Khalida Popal, Hummel designer Paul Fitzgerald also drew inspiration from the country’s heritage.

“I asked Khalida to think of something that inspires her about Afghanistan, and she told me about the Afghan mountains – that was really my starting point,” Fitzgerald explains.

The result is a shirt that not only incorporates the region’s iconic mountain ranges, but also boasts a detailed patterning that references the calligraphy and woodcarvings of the Afghan capital of Kabul.

Hummel has unveiled its new Afghanistan women's kits.
New era The new Afghanistan women's kit features a hijab that is in line with FIFA regulations Image Hummel

The new-look Afghan Lions shirt also conforms to FIFA kit statutes that dictate that the hijab hood is not connected directly to the shirt and remains the same colour as the kit in question.

As well as being the first football kit to feature a hijab, the strip is unique for also featuring FIFA-approved leggings rather than shorts. It’s believed that other women’s kits from predominantly Muslim nations are considering emulating the Afghanistan kit design for future national kits.

The new designs are part of Hummel’s stated ongoing mission to “Change the world through sport.”

Hummel owner Christian Stadil said: “We don’t sponsor the biggest teams in the world, but we make partnerships with teams and clubs with a story to tell, like Afghanistan.

“We try to meet the Afghan people where they are, and right now that is by helping the women play football with or without a hijab.”

Hummel The new Afghanistan national team shirt.

The Afghanistan National Olympic Committee first formed the women’s team back in 2007, using players selected from several schools in Kabul and have so far won four of their 14 matches.

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