Remembering The Hula Burger: One Of McDonald’s Biggest Flops

Who fancies a burger made from pineapple and cheese?

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You might remember the McPizza, or even the McLobster, but there’s one McDonald’s dish that has disappeared without a trace over the years.

Now, the last thing you associate with McDonald’s is healthy living, but the company once tried to capitalise on the emerging clean eating trend back in the 60s, with pretty awful results…

McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc thought he’d found a gap in the market when he introduced the Hula Burger, which was aimed primarily at Roman Catholics.

The dish, which substituted the traditional meat of a burger for a ring of pineapple, was aimed at the Catholics who abstained from eating meat on Fridays.

Kroc’s thinking was that Catholics would be happy to swap their normal meaty dishes for the fruit based burger, but the Hula proved a huge flop with diners.

The dish itself sounds pretty disgusting, and if the cheery advert used to promote the dish is anything to go by, it looked pretty awful too.

Around the same time, the Filet-o-Fish was introduced, and it proved to be much more popular with meat-avoiding diners. 

Those abstaining from meat opted for the fish dish over the pineapple, and not surprisingly, the Hula burger was quickly scrapped.

Could we expect to see the Hula burger reintroduced anytime soon? Well, the Catholic church has since relaxed its rules on meat eating, so there’s actually less demand than ever for this bizarre fast food creation, which is probably for the best.

So, next time you’re in McDonald’s, think yourself lucky you’re eating a Big Mac, and not this pineapple monstrosity…

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