Hugh Jackman Reveals His Incredibly Dangerous Logan Workout Routine

This is not for the faint hearted...

Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Origins - Wolverine
The Wolverine Hugh Jackman as Logan Image Picture 20th Century Fox

Hugh Jackman has been playing comic book badass Wolverine for 17 years now, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role.

The actor has, of course, looked absolutely ripped for all ten of his appearances as Wolverine, but it’s now been revealed that he took more drastic steps than ever before to get in shape for Logan.

The 48-year-old plays an older, grizzled version of the hero in the new film, which is already being talked about as one of the best comic book movies of recent times.

He may be older, but Logan is still in incredible shape in the movie, and Jackman has now revealed the crazy lengths he went to while preparing for the role.

Only yesterday, Jason Statham spilled the beans about his crazy prison yard workout, but Jackman’s might be even more insane than even that.

Appearing on the Late Show recently, Jackman revealed he had pushed his body to the limit to get himself in the best possible shape for the film.

As well as working out every day for three months, Jackman revealed that he took on around three gallons of water a day before the shoot – which is a pretty huge task in itself.

Then, 36 hours before going on set, he cut his water consumption completely.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan
Image 20th Century Fox

Bearing in mind 100 hours without water will kill you, it’s an incredibly dangerous routine.

“You lose like 10 pounds of water weight,” Jackman said, before adding: “Don’t do this at home.”

We wouldn’t recommend trying it out, but the dangerous fitness regime certainly paid dividends in the new film.

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