How To Tell If Someone Is Secretly Attracted To You

Looking for confirmation regarding a possible office crush? This might help.

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Working out whether or not someone fancies you can be tricky at the best of times.

A joke here, the occasional glance or maybe just a smile can be misinterpreted as a sign of affection at the best of times meaning it’s usually better to play it safe when it comes to these things and assume it’s nothing more than a bit of flirting.

But what if we told you there could be a tell-tale giveaway that could reveal whether the object of your affection feels the same way.

According to fresh research, there just might be. A new study, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour, reckons it could all be in the eyes.

Researchers closely examined the eye movement of over 100 test subjects while they looked at images of people identified as possible friends or maybe more.

It was there that they discovered how our eyes scan other people’s bodies differently, depending on whether they view them in a romantic or platonic.

As a rule, they noticed that people looked at the head and chest more if “assessing potential mates” while they looked at legs and feet when examing friends.

“Eye gaze was a valid indicator of relationship interest. For women, looking at the head corresponded to greater interest in friendship, whereas for men looking at the head corresponded to less interest in friendship,” the research stated.

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Angela Bahns, the co-author of the study and assistant professor of psychology at Wellesley explained:

“Research on attraction tends to assume there is a fixed set of characteristics that makes a person desirable. This new study shows that what people look for in a prospective relationship partner depends on their relational goals. The same person who makes a highly desirable friend may not make a good mate.”

It’s all in the eyes – keep them peeled, people.

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