How to satisfy… Kaya Scodelario

Impeccable music taste, an appreciation of Thelma & Louise and beer gardens are what she needs.

We instruct you on how to satisfy Kaya Scodelario
Medium maintenance A mix of pricey jewellery and pints will keep her laughing. Image Picture Tim Whitby/Getty Images For BFI

It’s almost a decade since Kaya Scodelario played in-yer-face schoolgirl Effy Stonem.

She landed the part in Channel 4’s teen-bait series Skins while being bullied at school and has said she’s been uncomfortable in the spotlight ever since.

The pensive 23-year-old is going to have to get used to it – she’s already filled seats by starring in The Maze Runner. Next year she fills Keira Knightley’s boots as the leading lady in the next instalment of Pirates Of The Caribbean.

We learned it’s a mix down to earth pleasures (including a quiet pint in a beer garden) mixed with grand gestures – such as surprising her with Cartier jewellery – get her going.




Brush up on your music knowledge

Scodelario’s music taste is as impressive as her looks. She counts herself as an “old soul” in her preferences. She says, “I always listen to The Rolling Stones when travelling or in a hotel in the middle of nowhere.” Also partial to Bob Marley, The Who and Arctic Monkeys.


Move to America

Scodelario has recently upped sticks for a home in New York’s hipster capital Williamsburg, where she hangs out at local dive bar Pete’s Candy Store. In London, you might be lucky to catch her in Camden or Kentish Town where, she says, “I love a pint in a beer garden.”


Buy her jewellery

Cartier bracelets are “pretty amazing” she says. Unfortunately, her fiancé, American actor Benjamin Walker already surprised her with one.


Appreciate feminist films

Scodelario reckons she’s watched Thelma And Louise close to 100 times, so you’d best at least pretend to appreciate Brad Pitt in his prime and the eternal bond of female friendship.


Give her space

Scodelario moved into her own flat in North London in her teens and declares, “It’s important for women to be independent and strong.”


Learn Portuguese

Scodelario’s mother is Brazilian and she spends most of her holidays in Brazil. There, she enjoys picanha (barbecued beef) and hanging around with her family while speaking as much Portuguese as possible. So get bilingual.

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