How To Replicate Donald Trump’s Signature Hairdo In Just Four Easy Steps

Get the Trump look with this easy-to-remember guide.

Donald Trump does a fist-bump.Image Matthew Canaugh/Getty Images

Donald Trump is unique individual and whether you care for his abrasive brand of politics or not one thing we can all agree on is that he’s in possession of arguably the most unique hairstyle in the world today.

Some call it a million-dollar comb-over, others might consider it more a cash-money quiff, but one question remains: how does he do it?

The answer may finally have arrived courtesy of Bryan ‘the Brush’ Burnsides new book, Cut it Out! Dictators, Despots and Other Badass Hairdos.

In the book, Burnsides offers a series four-step guides on how to replicate some of the most iconic hairstyles from the world of politics and beyond.

And in an exclusive extract from the book, Burnsides offers up a simple guide on how to go about recreating Trump’s signature look.

Maybe your planning on attending a fancy dress party as Donald Trump, perhaps you just want to shock the people you work with, but whatever the case, this four-step process makes for fascinating reading.

Donald Trump Wigs Out

Here’s what Burnsides recommends:

Get the Trump!

1. Using a heavy-duty detangle brush, sweep the existing hair forwards and across, and into a surfboard shape. Drop the 80s stubble, LOSER!

2. Blend a pinch of monosodium glutamate with lactic acid, citric acid and artificial colouring (Canary Yellow), then spray liberally upwards to achieve the desired ‘Cheetos’ shade.

3. Use moulding wax, or my own-brand ‘KKK Pointy Head’ styling gel, to fix the hair firmly, then bring any non-white strands into line by threatening them with expulsion.

4. With strong glue, and a thin tissue of untruths, stick the whole ‘do onto the top of the head.

Extracted from Cut it Out! Dictators, Despots and Other Badass Hairdos by Bryan ‘the Brush’ Burnsides, published by Constable.

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